Sun Tea

Isn't it radiant in the sunlight? Sun tea is a great way to brew tea in the summer when you want to avoid the kitchen and turning on the stove. Your camping companions will think you're brilliant too.
By | July 05, 2015


Place water, tea, and herbs into a clean sealable container. Find a sunny perch and let your tea steep for up to 4 hours. Add honey and lemon to taste. Strain and enjoy.

If you're looking to keep it simple, pack DiversiTea's (find it at thoughtfully blended teas. With blends like Summer Wind (lavender, mint, marjoram, summer savory, calendula and rose petals) and Honey Bee (organic red rooibos, black tea, lemon grass, lemon peel, lemon myrtle, calendula and natural essences), you can truly relax in the great outdoors.


  • 4 litres warm water
  • 7-8 bags (or 1/2 cup loose leaf) tea
  • 1/4 cup local honey, optional
  • 1/2 lemon, sliced, optional
  • 5 sprigs fresh mint, optional
  • 5 sprigs fresh lavender, optional
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